Curry shares a initial of 6 special moments in sports

Bill Curry has lived a life in sports, starting from his days as a actor in Little League ball in College Park, forgetful of one day holding a pile for a Yankees, to a inclusive football career during Georgia Tech and afterwards in a NFL with a Packers and Colts, among others.

He continued as a manager during Georgia Tech, followed by stints during Alabama and Kentucky. He supposed a coaching pursuit during Georgia State in 2008 and was charged with building a program.

Curry, who incited 70 final month, will manager his final diversion on Saturday when a Panthers play during Maine. He announced in Aug that he was timid after a deteriorate so that he could spend some-more time with his wife, Carolym, their children and grandchildren.

He has thousands of memories, though he pronounced there are 6 that mount out.

I’m going to share one a day with you, currently by Saturday.

Esteemed Colleague Steve Hummer is also operative on a integrate of stories about Curry that will run after this week. I’ll share a links when they appear. They guarantee to be special.

Anyway, here’s a initial special memory Curry shared, in his words:

The state high propagandize basketball championship in a 11th grade, down in Macon.

Gainesville High had Billy Lothridge and Billy Martin, who became All-Americans during Georgia Tech in football.

Both played in a NFL. Lothridge led a NFL in punting. In fact, he was a runner-up for a Heisman. we was a core in 1963.

But this was 1959 and we had played them in a segment finals a integrate of weeks before that. They kick us by 20.

We kick them in overtime to win a championship. we kind of still get romantic only describing it. It was so most fun.

I was a defensive specialist. we suspicion we could shoot, though everytime we would go adult for a jumper, my manager would scream “No.”

We had dual good shooters and we had a smashing large male who was 6-6, Jimmy Tumlin, who went to Georgia Tech on a basketball scholarship. He had offers from Kentucky, UCLA, he had 100 grant offers, he was that good.

We had a unequivocally good team. we was always reserved to ensure a best shooter on a other team. One of us would always leave a diversion during some point. Me for fouling out or him injured.

I got to play and we got to be a starter on that good team. we always only delight that.

That was such a stirring impulse to finish a job.

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