Celebrities start adult a joining of their own

From left, Lotte Giants heading cheerleader Park Gi-ryang, low-pitched thespian Lisa, comedian Hwang Ji-hyeon, thespian Cho Gap-gyeong, sports indication Kim Jung-hwa and thespian Park Zia take partial in a training during a round track in Goyang, Gyeonggi, on a day a round group is formed. By Yang Gwang-samForty Korean womanlike celebrities collected together during a round track in Goyang, Gyeonggi, on Sept. 21. They donned uniforms, got some gloves and started throwing baseballs like any veteran player. But they missed a lot of balls. Still, their eyes were filled with passion for a game.

This was a start of a initial womanlike celebrities’ round group in Korea, a Hanstar Female Celebrities Baseball Team. Hanstar Media, a association that hosts luminary round and basketball matches, hold a team’s central coronation rite on Sept. 21 during a track in Goyang.

The celebrities enclosed Lotte Giants heading cheerleader Park Gi-ryang, MBC Sports Plus round broadcaster Bae Ji-hyun, sports announcer Jung Sun-ju, low-pitched thespian Lisa, singers Gilgun and Miryo and comedians Hwang Ji-hyeon and Heo Min.

Singer Cho Gap-gyeong, 48, enrolled as a player-coach of a group on a idea of her husband, Hong Seo-beom. Former members of a inhabitant basketball group Chun Eun-sook, 46, and Lee Yeon-hwa, 32, sealed on to conquer a whole new sport.

The coaching staff is all male. Former Lotte Giants manager Yang Seung-ho took a helm as manager, while thespian Kim Chang-ryul and actor Seo Ji-seok, who are veterans of a masculine celebrities’ round team, motionless to offer underneath him.

“I didn’t wish to be manager of a group during initial given we suspicion celebrities usually play round to turn some-more famous,” Yang said.

“Their skills were like third graders during first. Nevertheless, we was astounded to see them sight sexually even with distended faces strike by a ball, and now they are indeed means of doing a double play.”

The Hanstar Female Celebrities Baseball Team has lerned twice a week given final July. In annoy of their bustling schedules, scarcely three-fourths of a group have frequently trained. While during initial they could usually chuck a round for 5 meters (16 feet), their balls now go serve than 18.44 meters, that is a stretch between a pitching pile and home plate.

Cheerleader Park Gi-ryang, who is famous for her model-like tallness and weight, is not good during throwing balls distant due to diseased shoulder power. But she is a good catcher.

“I motionless to play round given we wasn’t confident with simply examination round from a stands,” pronounced Park.

“Lotte Giants infielder Hwang Jae-gyun desirous me by asking, ‘Do we unequivocally consider we can play baseball?’ we wanted to turn a pitcher, though it was many harder than we thought. Instead, given I’m good during throwing balls, we wish to turn a initial baseman.”

Although a all-female round group is still in a infancy, a dreams of a players are already big.

“Professional round was means to grasp over 7 million people attending per year given of a boost in a series of women in a audience,” pronounced Park Jung-chul, a personality of a team.

“I wish this womanlike celebrities’ group can kindle Korean women to attend some-more in personification baseball.”

There are now 42 dilettante women’s round teams in Korea with 820 players. That is a tiny series compared to a total for men: 20,000 teams with 460,000

Some womanlike celebrities such as thespian Park Zia, 23, who graduated from Seoul Action School, even dream about removing on a inhabitant women’s round team. Park Zia is deliberate a fireball on a luminary team. The speed of her pitches is infrequently faster than 90 kilometers per hour (56 miles per hour).

“I dreamed about apropos a round player, though we had to give it adult given women’s round did not exist in a past,” Park Zia said. “I’m happy to play and learn round again. As my subsequent dream is to attend in a Women’s Baseball World Cup as a inhabitant player, I’m now training a far-reaching operation of pitches like a 4 seam, dual join fastball and slider.”

“A few players seem renowned adequate to be selected as inhabitant players,” pronounced manager Yang. “Park Zia, for example, is means to do dozens of pitches consecutively. I’m certain she can turn a inhabitant actor if she trains tough with veteran coaches.”

The Women’s Baseball World Cup, deliberate a many distinguished eventuality for womanlike round players, will be hold in Gijang, Busan, in Aug 2016.

BY PARK SO-YOUNG [koo.yurim@joongang.co.kr]