Youth Baseball Vandalism In Jessamine County

A small joining ball benefaction mount in Jessamine County was shop-worn final Wednesday.

Vandals pennyless into a garage and shop-worn a whole inside of a benefaction mount including; damaged equipment, H2O repairs and graffiti.

“It creates your stomach hurt. It’s unequivocally sad. This whole place is run by a dozen volunteers or so. It’s unequivocally humiliating that someone would come in and do this, fundamentally to kids. This isn’t my stuff, this is things for a kids,” pronounced Adam Waymire, President, JCYB.

Baseball players pronounced they don’t know because anyone would do this.

“Why did we do it, what reason?” pronounced Cooper Morton.

“I don’t unequivocally know because they would do that, it’s only a small joining ball field, and kids are only personification baseball,” pronounced Cole Waymire.

Police pronounced a review is ongoing.

If we have any information, hit a Nicholasville military department.

If we would like some-more info on a ball league, visit: