Albuquerque Little League president’s rapist credentials concerns parents

ALBUQUERQUE (KRQE) – Parents are endangered about a rapist credentials of a internal small joining boss who has aroused arrests dating behind some-more than a decade.

Felix Chavez told KRQE News 13 his credentials has zero to do with his purpose as a South Valley Little League President. Still, some relatives disagree.

“I got a responsibility, I’ve got to take caring of 600 kids,” Chavez explained.

As President of a South Valley Little League program, Chavez pronounced he’s here to assistance kids learn baseball.

“Adults don’t like me, we can’t do anything about that,” pronounced Chavez. “As prolonged as a kids like being here, and they’re protected and they’re carrying a good time, that’s my concern.”

However, some relatives are endangered about Chavez’s rapist background. Online justice annals uncover a 36-year-old has aroused arrests dating behind some-more than a decade.

“They don’t know how he’s means to be a boss of a small joining with that kind of record,” a primogenitor told KRQE News 13. The primogenitor doesn’t wish to be identified, though claims Chavez shouldn’t be around kids.

“He unequivocally has annoy issues, he’s emotionally violent to a boys,” a primogenitor said.

KRQE News 13 asked Chavez about a accusations directly. He pronounced he does not have annoy issues and gives each child a satisfactory shake.

Chavez also forked out many of a charges opposite him were discharged in court, including dual child abuse cases in 2013, and a box final year when someone indicted him of melancholy them with a gun.

“Everything that we had to do to pass a credentials check we upheld it,” Chavez said.

“Somebody done an accusation, military did their job, investigators did their job. It’s a fake accusation,” Chavez added.

He pronounced a house of 12 people inaugurated him as boss and trust him with a job.

“I am unequivocally tender with him,” pronounced Steven Mora, who coaches Junior Softball with a league. “I wish he stays.”

Mora pronounced he’s famous Chavez for about dual years and claims Chavez has helped a league.

KRQE News 13 asked other relatives if Chavez’s credentials bothers them.

“Everyone has a past, everybody has skeletons in their closet,” pronounced Kathaleen Padilla, a small joining parent. “So it’s all in how we hoop yourself, and he handles himself really well,” she added.

Chavez insists notwithstanding his past, his bottom line is to assistance a joining and a kids involved.

“I’m not here to greatfully everybody, I’m here to make certain that a kids are taken caring of, kids are series one priority to me,” Chavez told KRQE News 13.

The South Valley Little League pronounced Chavez upheld a credentials check. Board members pronounced a Little League secretary sends all credentials checks to a third celebration for processing.

Chavez only started a deteriorate as small joining boss progressing this year. He used to manager bar baseball.